T20 Big Bash League - KFC


So you’ve never seen a T20 match before? Fear not, here’s a simple explanation of what you’ll be watching either at the ground or on TV this summer.

Those who only know cricket as a sport played between 22 guys dressed in white, standing around for six hours a day chasing a red ball are in for a shock.

KFC T20 Big Bash League is about smashing and crashing as many runs as you can, as fast as you can. It’s high-energy, non-stop entertainment, all played in a three-hour window.

The Match

T20 matches take just over three hours from start to finish and deciding the winner is simple.

The team with the most runs wins.

Batsmen need to run between the wickets to score but if they hit the ball to the boundary rope on the bounce they automatically get four runs. If the ball is smashed over the boundary rope and into the stands, they get six. As the name of the games suggests, teams have just 20 overs to bat.

To keep the fast paced action going, new batsmen have to make it to the centre of the field within 90 seconds of their teammate being dismissed.

Teams are given penalties for failing to bowl their 20 overs within 80 minutes.

When fielding, only two players in a team are allowed outside the inner circle during the first six overs of an innings. At the end of six overs, another three players can join them outside the inner circle .

Bowlers can bowl a maximum of four overs each. Each over contains six balls.If a bowler bowls a front foot no ball (no part of his front foot lands behind the delivery crease line) the batting side get one free run and the batsman gets a free hit. Keep an eye out for this one as the batsman can’t get out so it’s bound to be fired into the crowd.

The team with the highest score at the conclusion of both innings wins the match. If scores are level at the completion of both innings, then each team gets to bat for one super over. The super over is six balls to try and score as many runs as they can. If the teams still can't be separated the match will be a tie.

The Season

Each of our new KFC T20 Big Bash League teams will play each other once. 

At the end of the regular season the top 4 teams will play off in the finals series. The top 4 teams are decided by points. Two points are awarded for a win and one point to each team in the event of a tie or no result. If teams are equal on points they will be split on Net Run Rate.  

What's the Net Run Rate? Well here goes. A run rate is the average runs per over a team scores (e.g. If a team has scored 8 runs after 2 overs their run rate is 4.) A team's net run rate is the difference between their run rate and that of the opposition when they bat (e.g. The Heat are playing the Strikers. If the Heat have a run rate of 4 at the conclusion of their innings and the Strikers have a run rate of 3 at the end of their innings, then the Heat's Net Run Rate is 1 and the Striker's Net Run Rate is -1.) Got it? Then as each match gets completed we add Net Run Rates from each match and it’s that figure we use to split the teams who are tied on points.

Back to the finals. In the first semi-final the 1st placed team will play the 4th placed team. In the second semi-final the 2nd placed team will play the 3rd placed team.

The winners of each semi-final will then square-off in the final.

The highest finishing team for each of the finals matches is rewarded with a home final.

The KFC T20 Big Bash League is a thrilling edge-of-your-seat sports entertainment spectacle – make sure you’re part of the action!!