Christmas BBL clash on the cards: report

28 September 2018

Media report says Cricket Australia and players have agreed to play a BBL game on December 25th in future seasons

Australia's cricketers have reportedly agreed to play a KFC Big Bash League match on Christmas Day.

The Australian reports that the Australian Cricketers Association has communicated to its members that they have agreed to play a match on December 25 in coming seasons.

The BBL schedule for the 2018-19 summer has already been finalised, including two matches in Christmas Eve - one in Hobart and a Sydney Derby at Spotless Stadium - but none on the 25th.

"At this stage, we have not finalised our Big Bash schedule beyond the upcoming season," a CA spokesperson said.

"Any future scheduling will be worked through with appropriate parties including the players and the ACA before being publicly announced."

Santa greets the fans at Blundstone Arena last season // Getty
Santa greets the fans at Blundstone Arena last season // Getty

The NBA in the United States has played matches on Christmas Day for years and Cricket Australia has not been shy in their push to introduce the concept in Australia.

"Christmas Day starts to wind down in the afternoon/evening, so we see there’s definitely an opportunity for the BBL to offer families some entertainment," BBL boss Kim McConnie said last year.

"Whether you’re sitting on the couch in the early evening or you want to go to a game, there’s definitely a fit there.

"When it will happen, we don’t know, but definitely we love the idea of being able to provide some sort of early-evening entertainment to top off what is hopefully a great Christmas Day experience."

The report claims players will be allowed to excuse themselves from the game based on religious beliefs.

CA says it will accommodate the players' families and host a festive-season function as part of the agreement.

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